Sunday, April 20, 2008

This Old House - Paris Edition

Em and I were both in Europe for different reasons and used the opportunity to get together in Paris for the weekend. After visiting the regular places, we decided to search for something completely different, so we set out to find the oldest house in Paris. As every story goes, there is such a house built in 1407. The address is 51, rue de Montmorency, 3rd arrdt not far from the Pompidue Center.

The house was built for Nicolas Flamel (1330? – 1417), an interesting personality. He was a very successful scrivener, manuscript maker and seller. (This was before Gutenberg.) The funny thing about this particular house is how little anyone cares about it....

As we were walking to the house, Em joked that the house was probably a laundromat. We laughed as we final reached it. One half was an Asian restaurant and the other a hair salon! Too funny.

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