Sunday, August 17, 2008

Why Old(er) People are Small(er)

Emily asked me to run point for bedroom furniture. After much research, I realized I could buy timeless beautiful 18th century antiques for around the same prices you would pay at Restoration Hardware, with the added benefit of appreciation and scarcity 'cause they ain't making more Hepplewhites last I checked.

So we went for it with one exception, the bed. You see, antique people who slept in the antique beds were small(er) than us modern folk, or at least had a different attitude toward personal space, and thus it is impossible to buy a king-size antique bed. They simply don't exist.
Antique beds rock for a few reasons. They are typically taller beds; higher off the ground, which was utilitarian to keep their inhabitants warmer with the rising heat. They are well made, with the proper joining, and typically come in solid premium woods like mahogany or maple. So if you want an antique-style bed with a good hardwood, you have to make it.

With the help of my awesome architect father-in-law, I built this bed out of tiger maple based after a series of beds we liked mixing antique and modern design. I am delighted with the outcome, but you know how the saying goes I made the bed,....

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